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6 Reasons why furthering your education is the Next Right Step for you!

If you’re wondering whether furthering your education is the next step for you, this blog is here to tell you that it most definitely is. In the wise words written by Sir Francis Bacon back in 1597, “knowledge itself is power”. Furthering your education will ensure that you step into your true power, strengthen your reputation, grow your influence and turn yourself into a truly specialised individual.

Here are 6 reasons why furthering your education is the right next step for YOU!

1. Become more qualified

Being more qualified means that your CV is automatically placed at the top of the pile when employers are looking at job applicants. Even though there are jobs that don’t necessarily require a degree, those that are more qualified for a role will generally take precedence over those that aren’t.

2. Make yourself more competitive

By furthering your education, you give yourself an added layer of competitiveness and credibility. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone reaches a stalemate in their career and is unable to get a promotion to a higher-ranking role because they are not qualified enough. Furthering your education will ensure you are considered for that promotion that you really want.

3. Earn more money

With a better working position comes a better pay. Several studies show that the more qualified you are, the higher the wage will be.

4. Secure yourself a better lifestyle and a better future

By furthering your education and opening yourself up to higher and better paid roles, you are automatically bettering your lifestyle and strengthening your future.

5. Become more confident

Being more knowledgeable helps you to become a more confident person. How? You are able to talk about a variety of topics in your field of study, you make yourself more credible and you also get to debate with similar interests and background about topics that matter most to you. Meaning, that in turn you also keep building your network of people.

6. Access to an international qualification

Those studying with Domain Academy will also get access to an international qualification while studying from the comfort of their home country Malta. In fact, Domain Academy partners with Pearson UK, The University of Derby and Qualify. So look no further and register for one of Domain Academy’s courses starting in September. Check out our list of courses in collaboration with prestigious universities in the UK, and ACHIEVE IT with Domain Academy!

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