• Population : about 475 000 inhabitants.
  • Official languages : Maltese and English.
  • Currency : On 1st January 2008 Malta adopted the euro as its currency.
  •  Surface area : 246 km² for the Maltese island and 67 km²  for  Gozo.
  •  Density of population : 1 457 inhab./km².
  •  Capital city : Valletta
  •  Religions : The majority of the Maltese are Roman Catholic, but many other religious denominations are also represented on the islands with small but well established and active communities.

The Maltese Islands

Blessed with a mild climate and set in crystal waters, Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino offer you a memorable experience, where moments of complete relaxation can be combined with the exploration of the islands’ many cultural, artistic and natural treasures.

Long considered to be a microcosm of the Mediterranean and a favourite with travellers who seek an authentic island experience, our islands offer an impressive range of historical and cultural sites, together with a wide spectrum of activities, making Malta a truly unique year-round holiday destination.

Malta has managed to strike the right balance between traditional hospitality and a cosmopolitan spirit born of our millennial history of welcoming people from all around the region and beyond. Moreover, Malta has developed into a highly sought-after location for international movie production, while Valletta’s majestic Grand Harbour welcomes cruise liner passengers from all over the world.

The Maltese islands are just a few hours away from major European airports, and with the many scheduled, low-cost and charter flights linking Malta to a host of European and others Mediterranean countries, not to mention the excellent sea connections to Europe, getting here couldn’t be easier!

The island’s architectural heritage, spanning over seven millennia, will present an impressive backdrop to all your activities. Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino offer far more than the traditional Mediterranean sun and sea.

They present a veritable treasure trove of heritage and culture, both ancient and modern – a living testimony to 7,000 years of civilisation.
Having three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more monuments per square kilometre than any other country, our islands have an astonishing concentration of unique cultural and historical attractions. A stroll through our towns and villages is bound to give you that particular ‘lost in time’ feeling.

The construction of the island’s megalithic temples is the source of an age-old enigma. Who were our ancestors that built these great constructions, and why? What happened to the intelligent civilisation that created these amazing temples? Through the passage of time, Malta and Gozo have attracted the attention of the great powers that dominated the period. The varying extents of all of them, from the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Castillians, to the Knights of St John, the French and the British, have all left traces of their influence and have woven a rich tapestry of cultures for you to discover.