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Contact Details

Domain Academy
Domain Building
102/104 Constitution Street
Mosta MST 9055

Tel: +356 21 433 688, +356 27 433 688

Fax: +356 21 438 729

Email: [email protected]

How to Find Us

Domain Academy is ideally located in the centre of Malta in a town called Mosta – very popular with tourists and striving with shops, banks, cafés, restaurants, offices, open street market and business centres. Mosta means ‘centre’ which refers to its very location at the heart of the island.  Mosta is a hub for public transport making it easily accessible. The most popular beaches in Malta are only 15 to 20 minutes away. The main attraction in Mosta is the Dome which is the largest dome in Malta and the third largest in the world.

The map below shows the main entrance located at Mosta’s main street (Constitution Street) and the underground parking facilities (within Domain Academy building) located at the back road parallel to Constitution Street.

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