International Foundation Year – Medicine Pathway

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Level 4

ECTS Credits


Duration of Study Programme

1 Academic Year

Awarding Body



September & January

EU/International Price


Course description

The aims of this programme are:

  • To provide international students with a high quality pre-undergraduate education, with outcomes comparable with GCE A levels.
  • To prepare students for study at undergraduate level in English-language universities. The programme is designed to meet the requirements of partner universities.
  • To enhance the English language ability of students to enable them to communicate and study effectively and confidently at undergraduate level in an English-language university.
  • To certify a student’s academic English language skills in a way that is recognised by partner universities, without the requirement for further assessment of English language ability.
  • To develop the learning skills, subject knowledge and related capabilities required for successful study at undergraduate level in an partner university.
  • To cultivate a commitment to good practice in academic work.
  • To provide students with the necessary personal and key skills to enable them to develop as independent, autonomous learners.
  • To give students practical experience of different methods that may be used to develop and assess their learning.

What you will study

Completing and passing the following modules will give you the opportunity to enter a Medical-related degree course at University (subject to meeting the entry requirements for the university):

  • Mathematics for Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

And the following English course:

  • English for Academic Purposes for non-native speakers of English

Should the candidate opt to join St.George’s University, an extra module in Anatomy needs to be undertaken.

How you will learn

The intention is to provide a fully supportive learning environment in which students can seek advice and guidance at any reasonable time and in which their progress and development can be closely monitored.

All students must have a personal tutor and informal access to the Academic Manager and to other teaching staff at any reasonable time during Domain Academy’s working week. It is expected that the majority of the academic staff contributing to the delivery of the programme will be allocated one or more personal tutorial groups of not more than 16 students, which will focus on pastoral care and university entrance counselling.

Domain Academy will provide a Student Handbook. The Student Handbook will form the basis of the students’ induction and act as a reference document throughout the programme. The template is designed to be customised. The main body of the Student Handbook covers systems and regulations that concern the student; the Appendices will be completed by Domain Academy, to give a module outline of each subject; the summative coursework schedule (with assessment outlines and dates), the academic calendar and any local (or Domain Academy) information it feels would be useful for the student, which should include what is expected of the students at Domain Academy.

In addition to university entrance counselling, students will have access to the web sites of partner universities, including prospectuses and relevant departmental and university publications, such as residential accommodation details. Representatives of partner universities are encouraged to visit Domain Academy to help counsel students on suitable university course choices.

Method of Assessment

The International Foundation Year is assessed 30% by Coursework and 70% by examination. All assessments are set and moderated by Domain Academy.

Entry requirements

Normally students entering the standard International Foundation Year (two-semester full-time study programme) are expected to have successfully completed 12 years of school education to a defined level and have an English language level of at least IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.

Domain Academy is responsible for assessing and verifying standard entry qualifications. Records of the qualifications of all students admitted must be retained in individual student files, which are subject to audit as part of the quality assurance processes.

Non-standard entry: applicants with qualifications other than those published by Domain Academy may be admitted to the programme subject to Domain Academy’s approval, which must request an evaluation of non-standard entry qualifications by the Non-Standard Entry Team. Domain Academy will evaluate the applicant’s qualification and decide whether he/she can be admitted to the International Foundation Year. Students accepted by Domain Academy will be allocated a ‘Code’ which must be used when the student is registered.

Domain Academy reserves the right to require applicants with non-standard qualifications to take one or more entrance tests before admission to the programme.

Occasionally students may have prior qualifications that are not recognised by some of the partner universities. In such cases students may be admitted to the programme using the non-standard entry process but Domain Academy will indicate that the student may have restricted progression options (i.e. certain universities and/or programmes will not accept the student irrespective of his/her performance on the International Foundation Year, but other universities will). For such students, the limitation on progression must be explicitly indicated to the student in Domain Academy’s offer letter.

Fees & funding

Current Fees

Full-time Part-time
EU/International €13,000 €13,000

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