Taking our students from Registration to Graduation, and Beyond

Taking our students from Registration to Graduation, and Beyond 2021-07-27T09:45:07+00:00


Taking our students from Registration to Graduation, and Beyond

There’s nothing better than furthering your education with an institution that puts its students at the centre of attention. Domain Academy, is guided by a personalised and student-centred ethos, and constantly commits itself to support the student from registration to graduation, and beyond.

Domain Academy is a leading Maltese Higher Education Institution driven by excellence. Its purpose is to prepare and equip local and international students with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve their personal and social goals. How? By helping them become exceptional professionals in their areas of study and research.

To do so, Domain Academy collaborates with several high quality partners including excellent educators, leading foreign education providers and Universities, together with stakeholders from the industry.

Recently, Domain Academy outlined its strategic plan for the period 2021-2026, with the aim to not only attract more students towards the institution, but also enhance the quality of their learning experience. The strategic plan states that Domain Academy:

  • will continue to develop and accredit a portfolio of high-quality home-grown programmes;
  • will extend the offering of its programmes from approved satellite institutions abroad;
  • will continue to work with and consolidate its current foreign partners, Institutes and Universities, and seek to establish further collaborations;
  • will pursue accreditation as a fully online Higher Education Institution.

Take a look at Domain Academy’s courses from here and achieve it with Domain Academy!

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