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Dr. Viktor CassarGynaecologist

“The experience offered by Domain Academy has truly been the best academic experience I have come across. The MBA programme offered by Domain Academy is holistic and tailor made for people from different walks of life, be it people like myself who are being introduced to the world of management and people with vast experience in the field. The setup provided by the group allows for networking and is ideal for part time students with a full time job and busy schedules.

Domain Academy has made the success of each and every student their priority and key to such a stellar experience are the dedicated staff who are extremely flexible, organised and relentlessly offering individualised support.”

Maria AttardChief Administrative Officer

“As a career-driven single mother, pursuing an MBA was always something I wanted to do, however, that path was always challenging due to the commitment and dedication it required.
For a long time, I have been paving the way in my career to follow my lifelong dream of working abroad and decided to take the leap to further my education and make my CV competitive in an international market.

In the past 18 months, Domain Academy has exceeded my expectations by providing me with all the support and tools to make it through a nail-biting experience. The MBA program is so much more than an educational level on my CV. It provided me with bespoke leadership training, personal growth as well as a professional development experience. The entire program is very well-designed and adds tremendous value to my long-term career aspirations.”

Kurt Ellul – Senior Customer Intelligence Manager and Financial and Business Analyst

“Given the rapid speed at which technology evolves, computer technology innovations and solutions (programming, networking, and media) are critical. Thanks to Domain Academy and its devoted lecturers, other students and myself have been exposed to such creative solutions that have prepared us for the industry.”

Maria FormosaExecutive Secretary

Pursuing my studies has been a lifelong personal goal, however I never took the plunge due to my busy schedules and full-time job. After reading about others’ experience with Domain Academy and the vast choice of courses they offer, I took the leap. The MBA programme setup is very well organised and attracts candidates from different walks of life.

It has helped me form the right perspectives for my future endeavours, broadened my knowledge and boosted my confidence towards achievements and life goals. It is a life changing experience which is providing me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Knowledge is power invested for your own self that gives you opportunities and self growth. Domain Academy’s dedicated staff has made it an even better experience as they are always ready to offer their support for the success of each and every student. The lecturers are very passionate and their dedication towards the students is evident, as they motivate us during challenging weeks.

Alistair BorgSupply Chain Manager

“In my current role, I manage the Supply Chain operations within one of the leading automotive companies in Malta. Moving into this position was a big career move for me, and I could not have made the step without the benefit of my MBA from the Domain Academy.

When I started on my MBA, back in 2017, I was expecting that my master’s degree would provide me with the credentials and business acumen to someday take on a role similar to what I currently occupy. I have to say that Domain’s MBA program gave me and achieved a lot more than I personally expected.

I truly enjoyed my time in the program and the investment I made there is truly changing my future for the better and provided a unique combination which is necessary for today’s competitive and professional environment.”

Casey Formosa.Net Software Engineer

I work as a full-time .Net software engineer and I wanted to go back and finish my studies. The main goal was to find a course that keeps up with the latest technology and trends. Thanks to Domain Academy, I was able to find just that. This university provides highly interesting modules with current and up-to-date material that can easily be used in my day-to-day job. As for part-time students with a full-time job, the timetable and lecture deliveries are very much ideal. Lecturers are always there to provide guidance, even outside of the allocated time. The university makes sure they can support you throughout the whole journey.”

Nicholas Caligari Business Development Manager

“What first seemed as an ambitious milestone, was soon turned into an accomplishment. Domain Academy was a great choice to pursue a high level qualification given that their main objective is to provide all the necessary support to help its students to achieve their endeavours. The platform available for the students, coupled with their outstanding choice of lecturers both locally and abroad gave myself and all other students the umph to achieve excellence that caters to all those who have other commitments in life. The MBA degree has not only opened up new opportunities, however it also gave me some valuable insight into ways of thinking, strategic planning and other skill sets that are needed also in the day-to-day life in general. ”

Mona KhaliliehAdvisor Mediterranean Tourism Foundation

“Continuous learning is one of the keys to achieving success in life, and what makes the experience idyllic, is choosing the right provider to complement this adventure.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to conclude my MBA programme of the University of Derby Business School provided by Domain Academy- Malta.

The flexibility of the master’s program provided by Domain Academy, and the support of the team there, made my journey less challenging than I thought but more looking forward to applying all that knowledge and skills I developed during my study, in my professional life knowing that by doing so the impact will be simply outstanding.”

Alan CauchiOfficer at MQRIC

“It was not easy studying again after a quite number of years, but in order to achieve certain goals one needs to take risks and sacrifices.

I can say that at the beginning I was a bit scared, but with the guidance and support of the tutors I was successfully guided throughout the eighteen months of intensive study. Domain Academy has been a great learning centre and was a great aid for tutoring and studying. Today, the help I have received has given me confidence and further knowledge to reach my milestones. As an ex student, I recommend Domain Academy.

Don’t just sit and wait…… the future is yours.”

Estelle ButtigiegTeacher

“This course offered a range of interesting topics from communication to health and safety issues within the workplace, which is not only applicable to businesses but also within the educational field.  The lecturers offered first-hand experiences and real-life situations from their daily work which made it easier to relate and understand concepts. Through the topics discussed I got a bigger perspective of what involves leadership and the hustle and bustle leaders come across each day. Moreover, this course helped me to reflect inwardly on the way I deal with situations in my workplace and thus, grow professionally. ”

Cristiano BlancoGroup Head of Gaming

“I am very happy of the journey I had with Domain Academy. I was always supported by the tutors and by the Academy employees and it made my path much easier. The MBA Global made me grow as student and as a person and made enter a network of great professionals. I strongly recommend the Domain Academy.”

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